Business Emails

Easy-to-use Control Panel

Think of web hosting as the place where your website’s files live – like your website’s home! With our easy-to-use Control Panel, you’ll have all the tools to customise your online home in no time.

No Red-tape

We believe in keeping things simple. That’s why we offer easy payment solutions and we give you the option to pay upfront to receive extra discounts.

Locally Hosted

Local hosting at our high-security data centre means backup generators, high uptime and complete peace of mind.

Top-quality Hardware

We’ve sourced a generous offering to provide commercial-grade hosting at affordable prices.

Instant Setup

Our web hosting services are set up immediately, so you can sign up and move in to your new online home without any waiting around.

1 Business Email BE001

1 Business Email BE001

Email BE001R89once off + R500 p/year 100 MB Disk Space (Request upto 10GB)  Mobi..


1 Business Email onGmail  GB001

1 Business Email onGmail GB001

Business Email onGmail GB001R590 per year 100 MB Disk Space (Request upto 10GB) ..


2 Business Email BE002

2 Business Email BE002

Email BE002R178once off  + R500 p/year 200 MB Disk Space (Request upto 10GB) &nb..


3 Business Email BE003

3 Business Email BE003

Email BE003R267once off  + R500 p/year 300 MB Disk Space (Request upto 10GB) &nb..


4 Business Email BE004

4 Business Email BE004

Email BE004R356once off  + R500 p/year 400 MB Disk Space (Request upto 10GB) &nb..


5 Business Email BE005

5 Business Email BE005

Email BE005R445once off  + R500p/year 500 MB Disk Space (Request upto 10GB) &nbs..


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